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Negust Holdings (PTY) LTD is a one stop Multimedia and IT company established in July 2012 with the aim to provide quality services thus IT ,internet services, printing and photocopying, photo and videography,branding,graphics,web design, T-shirt printing(screen printing), signage and number plates, promotional materials, sound production and events management based on the needs of our clientele.

Mission & Vision Statement


We exist to be the best and leading Innovative Multimedia, IT, Brand and Marketing one-stop destination without borders.


To provide satisfactory, professional and outspoken service deliver to meet and fulfill the needs of our clientele.

living the Technology.

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What we do

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Studio shoot, Wedding shoot, Cooperate shoot, Modeling shoot and Individual photo shoot

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Weddings, Cooperate, Commercials, Documentaries and Music

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Graphic Design

Logos, Business Card, Label Design, Car Wrap, Signage, Banners, Stationery, Name tags, Letterhead and Billboards

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Printing Services

Flyer, Business Cards, Post card, Brochure, Envelope, Posters, Advertisement, Calendar, Books(qoutations, invoice, delivery notes, receipt) and Menu cards

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Information Technology

Networking, Cabling, Configurations, Point of sales and CCTV, Web design, Hosting(domain registrstion and hosting)

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T-shirt printing (Screen Printing), Embroidery, Signage/signboards, Number plates, Digital printing, Mug & Plate Printing, Car branding and Water labels/sticker

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Print, Newspaper, Magazines, Brochure, Banners, Flags, Wraps, Sign Boards, Billboards, Digital ad and Product/brand ad integration

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Events Management

Festivals, Conferences, Ceremonies, Weddings, Formal parties and Concerts

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Internet Cafe

Internet browsing, Printing, Photocopying, Faxing, Laminating, Binding and Typing

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3D/2D Animation

Office partition, Motion graphics and Props

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Sound Production

Sound design/mixing and Recording

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Painting, Drawing, Graffiti and Sculpture




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